About John’s Wildwood Pizzeria

John Bellucci, making pies at John's Wildwood Pizzeria in Edinboro, PAJohn’s Wildwood Pizzeria has been serving Edinboro and Erie the best pizza, hoagies, wings, fries, salads, and great memories since 1979.

John Bellucci began his pizza-making odyssey in 1979 as a delivery-man before purchasing the shop from the original New Jersey based owners and revitalizing the menu, recipes and business plan.

“My family had already owned a successful pizza shop in Erie for 8 years and I had my own ideas about how to make a pizza shop successful in Edinboro,” says Bellucci. “The Jersey guys had a pretty good thing going, but I knew we could do better.”

The shop moved to 105 Erie Street in 1987, expanding and adding menu items. A website was added in 2006 and our huge online community ranges from locals and EUP students to Erie & Edinboro natives and alumni now living in other parts of the world who remember and crave the food and frequently inquire about overnight pizza express service. “We get emails every month asking if we can freeze a pie and send it to Hawaii or Arizona. Which we don’t do. It’s about maintaining the quality of the pie. Having it here as it comes out of our ovens is when it’s at its best.”

In 2009, John’s celebrated our 30 year anniversary with a “1979 Price Rollback” offering large pizzas at their 1979 prices. In 2010, John’s was voted “Best Pizza in Erie” by both the Times News: Erie’s Choice and ErieBlogs.